Book by KC Gupta

Hinduism and Hindu Way of Life 


  • Hinduism in General 
  • Hindu Samaskaras
  • Hindu Scriptures ( Gita , Mahabharata , Ramayana Vedas & Upanishads , Puranas )
  • Hindu Vratas ( Fasts )
  • Hindu Festivals
  • Hindu Gods and Goddesses
  • Hindu Temples
  • Hindu Places of Pilgrimage ( Teerthsthanas )
  • Hindu Traditions
  • Hindu Aartis

Note 1 : The philosophy of Hinduism as I understood is summarized in an article given in the Article section .

Note 2 : Book is also available at Amazon -on line


Hinduism and Hindu Way of Life: is a book written by Sh. K. C. Gupta and published by M/s V& S Publishers Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi. It covers various aspects of Hinduism in a concise manner. This book serves as an introduction to the vast world of Hinduism, its ways of worship, festivals of India, history, significance of rituals. Etc. for kids, teens, youngsters, NRI and anyone and everyone who wants a little crash course into this beautiful way of life. The book will encourage you to explore Hinduism in greater detail.  

Hinduism as I have Understood

After reading extensively about Hinduism my own understanding of Hinduism is mentioned in this article.


Gandhi’s Work in South Africa

South Africa was the training ground for Mahatma Gandhi; here he initially applied his theory of non-violence – Satyagrah which was later used successfully in ousting the Britishers from India. Very little is known about Gandhi’s work in South Africa; His initial plan to settle in south Africa was for only one year but he ended spending many more. but seeing the discrimination practised by white rulers against the blacks in which majority were Indians, he could not witness the injustice and plunged himself in the political scenario of the country to give the black population their dues. He went to South Africa in 1893 and came back in 1915.  

These are a series of articles covering those two decades of Gandhi’s work in South 


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